The fear of failure

Are you afraid to try new things?

Are you afraid to learn new skills?

Are you afraid of failure?

One of the biggest fears when starting a new venture, any new venture is the fear of failing.  Every single person who starts a new business has made a bold decision to make a go of it.  With this mind, it is perfectly normal to have a fear of failure.  Whenever you see a successful business, you know that someone at some point has made a bold or courageous decision to start that business up.  They might have had to re-mortgage their house or take out a massive loan to start their business, so it is fair to presume that they would have had a fear of failure, a fear that their business would not have taken off.  But what is it that separates people who QUIT because they are scared to fail and people who SUCCEED?


Yes, you have to WANT to be successful.  It’s no good having the mindset that you’ll start your venture and just see what happens, you have to MAKE it happen.  And making it happen means being determined and wanting to succeed.  Have you got the right mindset and how to get over fear of failure? 

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