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PRODUCT NAME: Wealthy Affiliate 
Overall Ranking: 9/10

Price: FREE starter membership, PREMIUM member $19 for first month, then $49 per month afterwards

Owners: Kyle & Carson


Here in Wealthy Affiliate you can have all of the skills required under one roof to learn how to work from home part time.  Most of us have an interest or passion from which you can earn an income  – a regular recurring income.  Imagine the freedom to have choices every day, to have the choice to work anyway, you can work from home, from your local coffee shop, or even take that much needed vacation and set some time to work during your vacation.  

All of this is possible and more.  It’s time to ditch that regular 9to5 and get busy and creative.  You can build your own brand and authority online, then your efforts can bring Internet profit success.  Wealthy Affiliate is an Internet Marketing community that provides all of the resources and training to succeed in making money online to realise the dream of how to work from home part time.  You need not look any further – now read on….



  • FREE starter membership includes 2 free websites
  • Unlimited Hosting – Host your own Domain Websites (Premium Members only)
  • Everything you need is under one roof, hosting, websites, support, training, mentoring. It’s all here, no need to go anywhere else.
  • WA keep things SIMPLE. If you have no experience what so ever, even if you are not great at IT – no matter, there is a step by step process to guide you along your way
  • The WA service and system is constantly improving and getting better, with no extra charge!


  • Can seem overwhelming at first….but follow the Training !


Wealthy Affiliate is for complete beginners to Internet Marketing, as well as for experienced marketers too. No matter what your level of experience, whether you are an entrepreneur or a complete novice, Wealthy Affiliate is for you and can help. There is always much more to learn, new techniques and training.

What you will find when you join Wealthy Affiliate is that you will become quickly immersed into the community, there are over 200,000+ members who are willing to help and guide you on your way, so no matter what you need help with, there is always someone on hand to assist.  Wealthy Affiliate is great resource as you can learn how to work from home part time, learn how to start and run your very own online business.  Many folk like you reading this would love the chance to be your own boss, earn extra income online which can lead to more choices in your life.


There are two types of Training Courses in WA:-

– Online Entrepreneur Certification

Do YOU have a passion? This course is designed for those wishing to pursuerunning your own online business based around a particular passion, ‘Niche’ or ‘Interest’. By following this course you can realise the dream of using an Interest you have or a niche idea and turn it into a successful online business. By following this course, you will learn how to build a successful ‘revenue ready’ website.

– Affiliate Bootcamp

This course is for those who wish to promote Wealthy Affiliate, and to have the opportunity to earn a generous commission. Many of the training topics covered in the Online Entrepreneur Certification course will be the same, such as how to build a website etc., but the difference is with the Affiliate Bootcamp is that everything is geared towards how to promote Wealthy Affiliate, with the eventual aim to convert visitors to your website into joining the WA community.

And in addition..regular scheduled  LIVE Webinars !

Every other week (usually Friday or Saturday); there is a LIVE webinar that covers a particular subject related to furthering your experience and knowledge in Internet Marketing. As it is a Live Webinar, you can ask the host questions and he can answer your questions too. But if you miss the Webinar or cannot attend for any reason, no need to fear – it will be available as a recorded Webinar soon afterwards, so you can watch the live recorded Webinar at your leisure. There is also instant access to all other previous live webinars too – covering all types of Internet Marketing topics.


Within Wealthy Affiliate, the real ‘meat’ is the actual website builder.  This is where you create your own fantastic looking website using WordPress for either the free website domain (yoursite.siterubix.com) or your own domain (mydomain.com), from which you can choose from many themes.  The theme you select is vital, it must be visually appealing to your visitor, and also must be relevant to your particular niche.  It’s important to note however that Free Members can only build a website using the .siterubix.com domain, whereas Premium Members can add their own purchased domain name eg. mywebsite.com.


Site Manager is the probably the most important section, because it is in here that you will build, edit, customise and publish your website.  You can even get run down of the health of your website and how it’s performing.


The Site Domains section enables you to search for, purchase and add a domain right under one roof.  There is no need for external hosting for example HostGater, because you can now host your own website right here in Wealthy Affiliate.  If you have a domain in mind, you can search for it, if it’s available purchase it and then add it to your site manager.  You can also manage the expiration / auto renewal of your domain, and even add a sub-domain.




Requesting Feedback

Site Feedback is a great feature within Wealthy Affiliate.  Proving you have sufficient credits (which can be earned by simply offering feedback on other peoples sites), you can request feedback from another Wealthy Affiliate member.  This is fantastic as you get other peoples views and thoughts on your site and offer ways in which you can maybe improve your site, such as adding more images, layout, selecting the right keywords and more.

Offering Feedback

To offer and provide feedback on another members site is one of the many ways you can receive credit here is Wealthy Affiliate, credit which can be user to request feedback on your site.  When you offer feedback, you will see a list of Website’s that members have requested feedback for.


Providing site comments is basically a way in which you can comment on another member’s post or page, and vise versa.  On every page and post, there is usually a ‘Leave a comment’ feature, in which a visitor can leave a comment.  This is great as this can be good advice that is provided, and it is important to know that site comments from other people is also ranked in google, which is great for SEO.


The technical support within Wealthy Affiliate is brilliant.  If you have any issues with your site, for example if your website does not load or if you get any errors etc, then Site Support is the place to ask for help.  It is the Developers and Technical Team from Wealthy Affiliate who provide assistance to any issues that you may have.  There is always a quick, efficient response from the support team.  I myself have had various issues over my time here as a Wealthy Affiliate Member, and the folk from Site Support are very professional is the assistance they provide.


Whenever you create a website in Wealthy Affiliate, you also have the option to create a free email address.  For example, for one of my websites www.escapethat9to5.com , i create an email address:- info@escapethat9to5.com

To access site email is via Web Mail with WA, but you can also add your email account to your mobile device, such as a mobile phone or Tablet.  Owning your own domain email address gives you an identity, adding that professional touch to your business.


Recently, WA rolled out a new exciting feature that is normally available at a premium cost – SitePlus.

There are 3 main features available for selection:

These are all big benefits of premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate and will drastically increase the site trust with Google and also your visitors.


The support here in Wealthy Affiliate is second to none. Not only do you get excellent, prompt support from WA themselves, but also support in abundance from the community – other WA members. Whatever the question, someone within the community will always have an answer. There is also a Live Chat portal too, where other WA members gather and discuss all things Internet Marketing, even the owners of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle & Carson get involved, and often chip in with help and assistance.



If you are looking for a ‘Get Rich Quick’ programme, then this is not it, in fact, there is no such thing. To become a successful Internet Marketer takes time, commitment and organisation & planning.  Having the correct mindset to succeed is vitally important.   If you are serious about running your own Online Business, and are willing to learn new skills and techniques, or even build on your existing experience then Wealthy Affiliate is the place for you. Wealthy Affiliate has it all…and more!

So i come to my verdict and it’s obviously no surprise that Wealthy Affiliate is….


What do you think about my review?  Please leave a comment in the comment area below.





9 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate University Review”

  1. You hit the nail on the head, you managed to be point on the top three things I definitely are the most afraid of, dedication, mindset, and mostly fear of failure. I have gone through lots of ways to try to keep afloat, nothing really working out. I jumped in and spent thousands trying to create a successful online business still lost,owing money now. I appreciate the pro/con lists also of others wanting to make this process so easy for anyone, If I has this site to check out awhile ago I would have not had to waste time and money on some of these sites.
    In my mind I am dedicated, my mindset though needs work I get easily distracted with my kids and even feel guilty some days when I need to work rather than spend time with them, I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end, but missing so much still. Thank you though reading your site has helped motivate me even more to want to work harder for this and keep pushing through, I look forward to more reads as you continue to grow.

    • Hello Robin,

      Many thanks for your comments on my post. My aim is always to provide an honest review of Wealthy Affiliate and I think I have done that. Fear of failure is what concerns most people, and i have managed to address some of the stigma surrounding that. Thanks again for your comments.

      Best wishes,

      Tim Taylor

  2. Many people are doing it, they are escaping the nine to five and they are now living their dreams of not only being a business owner but being their own boss. And his is made possible by the business model here at wealthy affiliate. I believe that wealthy affiliate is number one when it comes to this kind of work. And he good part is that anyone can do it, Wealthy affiliate is number one when it comes to training persons to be successful online.

    • Hi Norman,

      I couldn’t agree more. The sheer volume of resources and tools at our fingertips here in WA is simply phenomenal. There is no other place quite like Wealthy Affiliate anywhere else online. Thank you for your comment and best wishes to you.



  3. Hello Tim,

    I was searching for ways to make money online and I stumbled on your website. I’ve been accustomed to the usual methods of surveys, but they don’t seem to be very effective. There are also lots of scams lingering the internet. Your review is clear and easy to understand!

    I will definitely look into wealthy affiliates and recommend some friends to do so as well.


    • Hello Eric,

      Thanks for your message.  Yes Wealthy Affiliate is the only place to be if you want to run your own business and pursue a carrer in Internet Marketing.  It is unique.  The many features that included in the Premium Membership make WA a clear winner, compared to other Internet Marketing programmes.  I encourage to join and if you need any help along the way please feel free to contact me, and not forgetting the many 1000’s of other great WA members in the community.

      Best of luck to you.



  4. I agree wealthy affiliate is not only legit, it is the go-to place if you are looking to make a consistent income online. Also, Affiliate marketing is one of the only things around where you can make money simply by talking about your passions in life and promoting your ideas to other people. You gotta love it. Thanks for the review mate.

    What is one of your favorite things to learn in the Wealthy Affiliate training platform so far?

    • Hello Jacob,

      You are 100% spot on.  The vast volume of resources in Wealthy Affiliate are quite overwhelming – there is no other Internet Markering community quite like it anywhere online. My answer to your question as to what are the favourite things I have learned here in WA, i would say everything!  Everything here in WA is brilliant, the training, the Certification & Bootcamp courses.  One thing in particular which i think is unique, is the Live Videos Classes (Webinars) with Jay, who is the resident official WA Trainer.  These live sessions are briliant, Jay delivers these very well and if you miss one dont worry, you can can catch up – they are all there to be watched again.  Best of luck to your Jacob in your WA adventure!  Thanks for your comments!

      Best Regards,



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