How To Research Keywords For SEO

How To Research Keywords For SEO

Writing an article or post on your website should always be targeted around a keyword or keywords(s) that people will search for within Google or another search engine. For example, ‘ How to research keywords for SEO ’ is an example of a keyword that I had researched using the best keyword research tool which is of course, Jaaxy.

Now if you do not know what Jaaxy is, Jaaxy is a keyword research tool, but that is not all it does. Not only can you find the best keywords for your website, but you can also use Jaaxy to find out where you rank in Google for a specific keyword, ie your SERPS position (Search Engine Results Position). You can check out my full review for Jaaxy here

I will now show you how to search for suitable keywords using Jaaxy.

As many of you are searching for keywords relating to a particular niche, in my video I used the keyword term ‘ how to search keywords for a niche ’ as an example. The KQI is GREEN and the QSR is under 300. For more of an explanation into what KQI, AVG etc means, then check out my Jaaxy review.

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