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My Journey to Wealthy Affiliate…

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My name is Tim Taylor and I have spent years and wasted a lot of money trying to pursue my dream to work for myself from the comfort of my own home.  There has been many scams and programs I have tried, most of these so called ‘legit’ programs have promised that folk like me could earn an online income overnight – a ‘get rich quick scheme’.  What I have found that during this time of failure is that most of these programs offer ‘up sells’ – in other words once i parted with my hard earned cash to join these programs, i have to then pay even more money, hundreds in some cases in order to get to the gold at the end of the rainbow so to speak.  Imagine my disappointment when i had finally realised that these were all false promised, designed to get as much money out of me with little or no end result.

Once i had brushed myself down having lost thousands of pounds, i finally discovered Wealthy Affiliate.  I had first joined as a starter member which is of course free, to find my feet and learn about this wonderful community of like-minded people, and of course the vast array of training material and courses on offer.  This place is fantastic let me tell you.  Not only has Wealthy Affiliate given me more choices in life and freedom, it has provided me a great educational platform and knowledge base from which i can continue to grow my business.

During my journey i am discovering more about myself and what my potential can be, it can be anything i want it to be, anything at all.  I have learned how to build a website from scratch, how to choose the right keywords for my content, how to do amazing things on line that had no idea i could do.  I hope I given you food for thought, and more importantly the chance to really provide an opportunity for you to achieve what you want.

Best wishes to you,

Tim Taylor