What is Jaaxy and what can it do?



Jaaxy is an Internet keyword Research Program and without doubt the best SEO keyword research tool online.  Basically, whenever you type a sequence of words into Google search, i.e. you enter a phrase into Google that you want to search for, this is known as a keyword, for example ‘buy a computer’ and ‘find a cheap holiday’ are both examples of keywords.  Every second of every day, someone somewhere is searching for something in google, and the results that you get in the search results are determined from what you are searching for.

When you search for a keyword, Google searches the Internet and gives you a list of pages, relating to that keyword.  For example, if I enter ‘Wealthy Affiliate Review’, Google will provide a list of results, based on that exact keyword – see below:

Now, you will notice there are many pages with results, but on the first page includes the websites which are the highest ranked that include the keyword ‘Wealthy Affiliate Review’.  These are the highest ranked pages, and therefore sit at the first page of that keyword search.



The first and most important aspect of any web page, is good content.  Without good quality content, it does not matter how many competitive keywords you have in your website, your website will not be ranked very high at all.  Once you have good content, and I encourage you to write naturally, you can then look at keywords more closely, and this is where Jaaxy shows its power.

By utilising Jaaxy, you can target and beat the competition.  Whatever your interest or niche, you should have in mind a keyword you want to base your niche website on.

Example below of a recent search term for a client I built a website for:

If I was to enter a search term ‘hypnotherapy in newcastle’ into Jaaxy, I get the results below: –

You will see that a number of related keywords have appeared, including the actual keyword I have entered.  For a keyword to be competitive, it needs to fit a certain criteria:-

AVG:- The average searches this keyword is searched for each month (higher the better)

TRAFFIC:- The number of visits to your website each month, if you achieve first page rankings

QSR (Quoted Search Results):- The number of competing websites ranked in Google for this keyword

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator):- Green is great, Yellow is ok, Red is poor.  In short, do not use a keyword if the KQI is Red.

SEO:- SEO Score.  The higher number, the more chance you will have ranking on the first page of Google.

Example of a BAD Keyword

You will see from the search results, the keyword the search has produced ‘hypnotherapy newcastle’.  This is NOT a good keyword even though it has a ‘Great’ KQI score.  This is not a good keyword as the keyword itself is not something someone would enter into a Google search.

Example of a GOOD keyword

I have chosen ‘Hypnotherapy in newcastle‘ as my keyword. The amount of searches per month look good, traffic will probably improve, there are very low amount of competing websites (QSR), anything under 200 is good, the lower the better, and KQI is Great, with a very high SEO, in the 90s.

So, with this keyword, I was able to optimize the content efficiently.  This is a very new site, but after I add good content, it should rank quite high in Google.  See Jaaxy at work now by entering a keyword below:-



Main points to consider: –

  • Write good, quality content and write naturally
  • Avoid searching for and including keywords that are too broad
  • Add regular content to your website

If you stick to this process, you should find Jaaxy very useful, and your website ranking should improve.  Good luck !

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