Chris Farrell Membership Review


PRODUCT NAME: Chris Farrell Membership

Overall Ranking: 7/10

Price: $4.95 for 7 days then $37 per month OR $297 per year (saving of up to 33%)

Owner: Chris Farrell




  • Aimed for beginners, video tuition through every stage, Chris explains everything clearly and is very easy to understand.


  • Will need to purchase additional software and services as your business progresses, or ‘outsource’ in some areas.



Chris Farrell Membership is primarily aimed for people who are new to internet marketing rather than to experienced marketers.  The approach to the training is such that Chris targets people who are new to Internet Marketing, and provides methods and skills that are essential to making an online business a success.  This programme is suitable for people who prefer to follow video tutorials, and those who are struggling to make money online a success.


Chris Farrell is respected world wide for his knowledge and expertise in teaching people the fundamental methods of starting and running an online business.  Chris first started out in online marketing back in 2008 and had no previous experience in online marketing at all.  In fact, within 6 months Chris was earning an impressive $250 per day.  After 9 months, this figure had increased to $1,000 a day.  Then, in August 2010 Chris made a staggering $1,000,000 in 24 hours.

Realising the possibilities here and that he could help anyone achieve success, he set out to create an easy to follow program known as ‘CFM’ (Chris Farrell Membership).  His aim was to simple – to explain in simplified terms how to start and run an online business, in a visual way.  Chris has succeeded very well at this and continues to add new ideas to his teaching. Chris is originally from London in the UK – he now lives in Beverly Hills, California.


Chris provides video tutorials that will guide you through step by step, covering just about any topic and this varies from how to create your first website, setting up the auto-responder email system, having the correct ‘mind-set’, to driving traffic and social media traffic, and many more techniques that are designed to help you.


  • Free Unlimited Hosting – This is worth the membership alone, unlimited hosting means that if you have a website (your own domain), rather than be hosted at your website provider your Domain can be hosted from within Chris Farrell Membership and the service he provides. This cuts out the ‘middle man’ and the extra cost associated with hosting your own domain.  This is a good feature.
  • Step by step guide on how to build a website – Those of you are not tech savy need not worry because Chris provides a ‘step by step’ guide to ‘walk’ you through, basically take you by the hand and show you how to create a website, and it is not that difficult to master.
  • Done for you website – Once you decide what your ‘Niche’ will be, there are many different website designs and templates available that you can choose. Chris Farrell Membership will provide a download link and a simple guide on how to implement your chosen template and hey presto! –  Your own website you shall have.


There is a very good support team at Chris Farrell Membership, who are very prompt and can also offer help directly rather than via the support forum.


Chris Farrell Membership is a fantastic coach and a great guy.  His course is very well put together, it is a visual guide and is aimed specifically for novices in Internet Marketing.  This is all very well, but to really succeed in Internet Marketing in the long run, you need to follow a more comprehensive program, that is why my first choice is Wealthy Affiliate.





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