Empower Network Review

PRODUCT NAME: Empower Network 
Overall Ranking:2/10 

Price: $25 per month and many up-sells

Owner: David Wood & David Sharpe
Website: http://www.empowernetwork.com/


First of all, I have written this review to provide an honest opinion of Empower Network and I must stress that there are no affiliate links in this article, and I do not earn any money from this review.

Empower Network is an online money making network that claims allows  their members to earn money without experiencing the common issues that prevent most people working from home achieving success. They provide internet marketing training, product information and specific digital services like a blogging type platform called Blog Beast. This is an affiliate platform that pays members a commission, when they sell this product.



  • None that I can see


  • Many up sells
  • Costs a lot of money to access all of the training, 5k in fact!
  • You don’t actually end up owning your own business
  • Get tied up to the Empower Network domain (which is now recognised as SPAM in many search engines!)
  • No Live Training



Empower Network is aimed for people who want to earn an online income, just like any other Internet Marketing site.  If you have a spare $5 to purchase all of the training material and tools then go for it, but don’t expect much back in return.


e-wallet ($19.99 per month) – Before you can get paid, you will need to pay for their payment processor.  This is completley unheard of and the only reason that they do this at Empower Network is because they are boarding on what is legal vs what is illegal.  In reality there is no way any company would ever get approved by a reputable credit card processing company. Paypal and other Credit Card companies would never allow payments to a company like Empower because they see it as illegal and do not trust it.


Inner Circle ($100 per month ) – Not really what i would call an ‘inner circle’.  This is just a fancy name, and apart from giving you access to some audios within the ‘Inner Circle’, being a part of this program allows you to get paid much higher commissions ($100 residuals income).  Once again, you are not paying for an actual legitimate product, you are paying into the promotion of a product that does not really exist.


Costa Rica Intensive ($500 one time payment) – These are videos that focus on building up this business …a business that revolves around promoting the Empower Network to others people.  Essentially you are promoting the same product to others.


The $15K Formula ($1,000 one time payment) – Yet another video series or compilation that includes 9 videos, each of these videos are a couple of hours long.  These videos cover a many topics which outline how to promote Empower network online.  An example of this is using Facebook or Youtube, however i must make it clear that Empower Network can no longer be promoted via this way. This should be a warning for you, Empower has been banned completely from Facebook and Youtube!!!  This throws the credibility of Empower Network in major doubt.


The Masters Retreat ($3,500 one time payment) – This is a compilation of 41 videos (mainly motivational) that have been recorded at the Empower Network masters retreat.  Spending $3,500 on motivational videos seems absolutely absurd considering that the vast majority of information has very much or little to do with creating your own online business and more to do with motivation.  This is one of the most expensive up-selling Internet Marketing Platforms out there.


If you are looking for personal help & support, then Empower Network does not provide that.  There is training & support offered, only if you purchase the ‘Inner Circle’ option as mentioned above, for $100 per month. And most of the ‘Training Resources’ are videos.  Basically, personal support is non-existent.



This is NOT a product.  You do not own anything, and you will certainly not own your own business.  This is a pyramid type program, has many upsells and would end up costing you a lot of money long term.  You do not really get anything or any benefit for the $25 membership, apart from an introductory Blah Blah ..video, no training and very little support.  This program should be avoided at all costs.  Anyway, so is Empower Network legit?

No…This is a …



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    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks for the comment. Yes, there are many Empower Network Reviews out there, and all of them point to an elaborate SCAM. Its amazing how people can be fooled into these programs, also another one is the ‘Brit Method’ which I plan to review soon.


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